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Our enterprise is a coalition of multifaceted services. With due respect of your business venture TouchWorld indestructibly presents our new product TOUCH TRACK. It's a tracking locator which is compact, powerful and mostly user friendly locator available in the market now a days. Mainly used in monitoring and management of companies vehicles and private cars anti-theft and also for fleet solutions.

Through the Intelligent Positioning technology made by cost effective management of GPS/GSM/GPRS combinations the data can send to the site where trackers,mainly fleet managers, can access through mobile phones, computer,etc..anywhere at any time to know the latest and real-time informations of vehicle position, speed and direction and other informations as required.

Touch-track products are complete GPS smart antenna receiver kit, including an embedded antenna along with GPS receiver circuits which are designed for a broad spectrum of OEM system applications. The product is based on the proven technology found in many high cost applications like Marine and Automotive navigations.

The GPS smart antenna will make use of, up to 66 satellites at a time while providing fast time to time refreshment of Real-time datas on the other hand gives navigation update.

The main key feature is that all this is done by guaranteed low power consumption. It can provide you with superior sensitivity and mind blowing performance even in extreme weather conditions and urban or rural canyon even there is dense foliage to cop up with.

Its far-reaching capability meets the sensitivity requirements of fleet navigation as well as other location-based applications.

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