Surveillance Systems

Touch World Technology

The ability to precisely monitor and detect a vehicle’s location and its status by surveillancing it's movement on the road is the most ultimate goal of automobile trajectory monitoring systems.

A Fleet management system can minimise its weaknesses over the factors like LOST TIME, HIGH FUEL COSTS, EXCESSIVE MILEAGE, DAMAGING WEAR and TEAR and effort of employees to finish road assignments within a minimal constrain of time.

Besides, the monitoring, fleets can also be pre-rout their trajectory by estimating their current location. Therefore, a central fleet surveillance is an essential thing for small or large enterprises to meet the varying requirements of customers and to improve the productivity by continuous monitoring on something what you had work so far.

That's what TOUCH TRACK aiming to provide an aid and for that we came into existence.

Not only for commercial aspects, even for private or Local uses, we can explore the modern technologies for surveillance.

That include car tracking and surveillance of school buses even in extreme traffic conditions.

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