GPS Tracking

“What gets measured gets managed”, proclaimed the legendary management Guru, Peter Drucker. Unlike in the past, today there are many ways to track and measure various activities, thanks to the advancements in technology. One such modes of tracking is GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution. How does the technology work? It’s quite simple. The first step is to fit the vehicle with a GPS module. This module reports location, time, speed, distance and other important information to our server. Based on analysing the data fed in the server, over 40 reports are prepared. The benefits of GPS vehicle tracking are manifold. Ranging from managing fuel consumption to ensuring the safety of its occupants, a GPS-enabled vehicle can be remotely monitored, and if required, guided. As the leading GPS service provider in the UAE, we’ve extended our service to hundreds of individuals and organisations in the country. Our solution helps you organize all your vehicle management needs – GPS Vehicle Tracking, Vehicle Maintenance Report, Geo Fence Entry and Exit, Delivery Management, Sales Man Tracking, Order Management and more.

Features of TouchTraks – GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution – an end-to-end Fleet Management Solution

GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution – GPS Vehicle Tracking solution helps our customer view their vehicle on a map. Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Hardware is installed on your vehicle in a concealed or a non-concealed manner as per the client’s requirement. This is then connected to our live server. The device sends the information regarding the vehicles location, speed and other information to our server. Our server formats the data and gives you detailed analysis on vehicle information.

Live Tracking

Have you ever worried about your vehicle location?
Did you have to call your drivers repeatedly to know their current location?
Have your telephone bills skyrocketed?

Not Any More!!!

Our advanced GPS Vehicle tracking hardware once fitted on your vehicle gives the exact location of your vehicle on the map in our application. Not just location, we also capture the speed, altitude and many other information. You will not have to keep calling each driver every time you need a location.

History Tracking

History tracking is a module that helps you track where and when you vehicle has travelled on any specific date and time. This is not just location information, we are talking about showing you on map where the vehicle has travelled in an animated manner. This gives you a clear idea of where the vehicle has travelled.

Geo Fencing

Does your vehicle travel to same location repeatedly? Do you have issue with remembering long address location? We have a solution. We let our users mark a point, location or an area on the map. This area on map is called geofence. Then you would be able to name the geofence. The best part is that once your vehicle enters or exits this geofence, the street name or location name is replaced by Geofence name thus enabling the user to easily identify the location.


Our hardware is designed to generate alerts when vehicle driving patterns have exceeded particular set parameters. For instance, we set the speed limit for the vehicle as 80 km/hr. When a vehicle exceeds this speed limit, alerts are generated on the system. This alerts can be downloaded at a later stage to view the overall vehicle violations. There are various parameters on which alerts can be generated are over speeding, harsh breaking, harsh acceleration, idling, excessive idling, etc.


Our customized application engine generates reports and sends them to your specific email address thus enabling you to view your vehicle reports even without logging into the application.

Mobile Application – iOS and Android

Touchtraks is available on both iOS and Android. This powers you to manage your fleet at your fingertips.

Graphical Reports and Analytics

Our system generates graphical reports which helps you visually view the data of your vehicles.

Easy to Use Interface

Loaded with all this features, but we have always made it a point to ensure that our application is very user friendly. It helps you have all the information at fingertips. It makes GPS vehicle tracking a simple process.