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Technology, when it’s put to good use, makes life simple, safe and secure. It was this realisation that prompted a group of tech enthusiasts to lay the foundations of Touchworld Technology. Started off as a GPS tracking solutions provider, ‘Touchworld’ today offers services in the areas of website designing, hosting and SEO. With offices in India and Dubai UAE, Touchworld Technology caters to the myriad needs of its customers spread across different parts of the globe. With the spirit of innovation at its core and sharp business acumen, the organisation is moving steadily along its growth trajectory. The company offers a host of services including GPS Vehicle Tracking, GPS Fleet Management Solution, Salesman Tracking Application, Order Management Solution, Process Management Solution, customised applications for iOS and Android.

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Our Services

GPS Tracking

We are the best GPS Service Provider
in the Middle East.
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Sales Force Tracking

Have you ever faced issue with knowing what your sales person have been going ? We have a solution.
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Order Management Solution

Touchworld technologies have developed an end to end order management solution,one which is your partner from planning to delivery.
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Delivery Management

TouchWorld has designed and developed a completely customized delivery management solution that makes delivery simple.
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Web Development

We are your partners in developing web application that will add value to your audience. Our web design and development solutions are customized to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.
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Mobile Application

Our mobile application division specializes on building top notch mobile application to intergrate with any web technology.
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Happy Clients

“Touchword Technology has helped us in solving various Fleet Management Issues we faced. Our drivers have become more organized becuas of vehilce tracking device. Thank you Touchworld Technology.”

“The Support Touchworld Technology has provided in implementation of GPS tracking Solution in dubai was amazing. We are able to monitor our fleet in micro level.”

“Sales Force Gps Tracking is a great solution. It has enabled us to monitor the daily activites of our Sales Force in dubai, uae. It has helped us maintian a centralized database of visited customers.

“ Really appreciate the After Sales Service and Support extended by Touchworld Technology. Touchworld Technology has always supported us on queries and doubts. ”


FAQs About GPS Tracking Device

What is the best tracking device for a car?

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touchworld Gps is the best tracking device for a car. You can save your vehicle from being stolen if it is miles away from you. Gps receives the microwave signals from the earth and determines the locations, speed, direction and time. Four satellites are needed for this process to meet very accurate local time for determining its position.


How much is a GPS tracking device?

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The cost of GPS is ranging from low to high depending upon the quality and complexity of your tracking needs. Someone offers a very low price, but you have to keep in mind what you pay for what you get. You want to make sure that it will make you more comfortable and provide the most accurate and reliable data.


What is the best tracking device?

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Gps is the best tracking device used mostly.it is having a wide range of application in ou daily life. The most important feature of GPS is that it can provide weather and traffic alerts.it will notify you about the traffic and delays on the road throughout your way.


Our Blog

How GPS Works

One of the most basics requirement before starting off with implementing GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution is to understand how GPS vehicle Tracking Solution works.

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Advantages of GPS Tracking System

Our software development team has always worked with an objective in mind – “Make Customers life easier”. There are various benefits that can provide to the end user.

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Information to be considered before opting for GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution

The first and foremost point is to make a checklist of all your requirements.

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Jargon in GPS Technology – Learn to read a GPS Hardware Specification Sheet

GPS – Global Positioning System
GPRS – Global Packet Radio

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