Sales Force Tracking

“What gets measured gets managed”.

What has always puzzled the management of MNCs to the small business is how sales force can be managed. Management starts from organizing the meetings, the database and the daily activity. Many companies have implemented many strategies to resolve the issue. Some have seen results and many have not. From the feedbacks from various organizations, we have designed what has saved the day of many organization.
Touchworld Technology has designed and developed a product that will make the life of the managers easier and simpler. We have designed an app that helps track the daily meetings of the sales person, the next schedule, the response from each client. What we have kept in mind while designing the app was to ensure that the Manager or the organization get a live update of each meeting, stores the information safely and be able to retrieve it any time in the future. The best part is :
1) Centralized stored information of all the sales meeting, contact person and company.
2) Actual location of the meeting is captured, which means, no more lies that the sales person had gone to the client for meeting without actually going to the clients location will work out.
3) Scanned copies of the business card is stored on the server.

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