In this modern era, we are actually exploring new functions for a maintenance management system here for you. Effective maintenance making plans and work order scheduling make certain a more secure and extra cost-green work surroundings for asset-in depth businesses. Day by day The number of vehicles are increasing here in UAE. Here comes the importance of maintenance management here in UAE in the case of vehicles especially for the fleet owners.

For making sure that the assets are used as successfully as they may be, facility renovation software program should have a few key features:

  1. Detailed work orders

Another function this is vital to have on your maintenance management software is the capacity to consist of greater data in work orders. In primitive control systems, work orders used to hold much less data which brought about conversation gaps and for this reason faded efficiency. But now, our Touchworld maintenance management have the capacity to consist of minute information like exact instructions, step-to-step checklists, manuals and schematics, work order histories. Through our software program, you may control your fleet or delivery management and make the first-class out of it even all through those tough instances of impeded deliver chains.

2. Preventing Problems Preventive Maintenance

It makes the existence of the ability supervisor less difficult through slashing unpredictability of getting to hold the ability while it fails any time with the aid of using its choice. It makes operations predictable and orderly. Due to being much less problem-susceptible than the conventional upkeep preventive upkeep gives advanced productiveness and longer asset existence Apart from this, it decreases downtime and helps you to control your fleet better.

Using our maintenance management system you can keep tracking your maintenance of your vehicles. Especially in the case of fleet owners who managing a large set of vehicles at a time there will no time to look needed maintenance in each indvidual vehicle. In this case our software helps to maintain keep tracking your vehicles and will give you the notifications when they needed the maintenance work. It will helps you in various way in case of fuel management. It will Record and manage fuel inventory ,Fuel purchase/transfer/issue, Fuel stock verification, Approve/Reject fuel transactions requests and so on. And it will help you in from danger situations. So using a maintenance management system you don’t have to worry about the health of your vehicle.

UAE is becoming a global transport hub now. As we can see rapid growth of automobile sales in Dubai the number of vehicles on the roads today is much more than these roads can handle. Here it comes to the importance of the GPS vehicle tracking system in UAE.

If you are a vehicle owner or a business person that needs to operate a fleet tracking in Dubai, UAE investing in a GPS vehicle tracking system can help you to put your business on a solid footing. Installing a GPS Vehicle tracking system you can always monitor your vehicles in real-time, and get notified in case of any route deviations happens, and we can easily recover our stolen vehicles. It also provides information on road conditions and other aspects of the environment.


A real-time GPS vehicle tracking system determines the data about the location and current status of your vehicle. The potential to detect location immediately and set the right path will help to reach the destination in time. Predicting quality faults and scheduled maintenance while repairing on time helps a GPS vehicle tracking company minimize disruptions to routine operations.


GPS Vehicle tracking system have rapidly turned into an essential business tool nowadays. Delivery services such as UPS and FedEx, use GPS following to give clients dependable, accurate conveyance data. Public transportation administrations use GPS trackers to keep drivers on time. Also, coordinated factors organizations that handle large fleets depend on these GPS trackers to screen their drivers and important resources.

GPS vehicle tracking systems can fundamentally reduce the abundance of costs for organizations. By using the Vehicle Tracking system in UAE, we can reduce the Fuel expense by choosing a shorter distance to the destination. GPS Tracking can reduce at least one hour of Employee overtime with the help of a vehicle tracking system. By using a GPS tracker, we can reduce the excess speed of the vehicle and can reduce the chances of an accident. GPS Tracker can create more accurate billing by looking at Time and fuel costs and it can accurately generate a bill. It also helps to reduce the time spent at an unauthorized location for a too long time and can monitor the driver’s activities. Drivers who realize they are being observed are more cautious. This can lessen accidents. GPS Trackers also act as a theft detector, With GPS trackers installed, companies can screen the locations of stolen vehicles, report locations to authorities, and enable quick recovery of the vehicle.

GPS Trackers are mostly user-friendly. In most cases, the GPS tracker will be attached to a vehicle and this will collect numerous data about the vehicle. All the information will be stored in a GPS tracker and this will be transmitted through a network or cellular network and the organization can access the information via phone or Tablet in real-time. There are mainly 3 types of GPS Trackers Available in the market. Those are wired devices, plug-in devices, and battery-powered devices .

GPS vehicle tracking system in UAE is another example of the continuous spread of modern technology into traditional situations. It provides a company with a greater awareness of the activities of its team members, giving it a more accurate control system that enhances more productivity in business, customer satisfaction towards the company, and the safety of the travellers .


Vehicle fleet management system is an important element of how communities and businesses operate on a daily basis all around the country. From life-saving ambulances and municipal street cleaning vehicles to delivery trucks that transport vital cargo and more, efficient and effective fleet vehicles keep our lives running smoothly.

Fleet management system in UAE. Fleet management is a business strategy that helps organizations to organize and coordinate work vehicles to improve efficiency and save expenses. Couriers, oil and gas distribution, utilities, repair, and service industry organizations all employ fleet management to assure responsible vehicle use, confirm safety, and provide real-time tracking. Although fleet management technology is most typically linked with delivery cars and trucks, it is also used in the boating sector.