In this modern era, we are actually exploring new functions for a maintenance management system here for you. Effective maintenance making plans and work order scheduling make certain a more secure and extra cost-green work surroundings for asset-in depth businesses. Day by day The number of vehicles are increasing here in UAE. Here comes the importance of maintenance management here in UAE in the case of vehicles especially for the fleet owners.

For making sure that the assets are used as successfully as they may be, facility renovation software program should have a few key features:

  1. Detailed work orders

Another function this is vital to have on your maintenance management software is the capacity to consist of greater data in work orders. In primitive control systems, work orders used to hold much less data which brought about conversation gaps and for this reason faded efficiency. But now, our Touchworld maintenance management have the capacity to consist of minute information like exact instructions, step-to-step checklists, manuals and schematics, work order histories. Through our software program, you may control your fleet or delivery management and make the first-class out of it even all through those tough instances of impeded deliver chains.

2. Preventing Problems Preventive Maintenance

It makes the existence of the ability supervisor less difficult through slashing unpredictability of getting to hold the ability while it fails any time with the aid of using its choice. It makes operations predictable and orderly. Due to being much less problem-susceptible than the conventional upkeep preventive upkeep gives advanced productiveness and longer asset existence Apart from this, it decreases downtime and helps you to control your fleet better.

Using our maintenance management system you can keep tracking your maintenance of your vehicles. Especially in the case of fleet owners who managing a large set of vehicles at a time there will no time to look needed maintenance in each indvidual vehicle. In this case our software helps to maintain keep tracking your vehicles and will give you the notifications when they needed the maintenance work. It will helps you in various way in case of fuel management. It will Record and manage fuel inventory ,Fuel purchase/transfer/issue, Fuel stock verification, Approve/Reject fuel transactions requests and so on. And it will help you in from danger situations. So using a maintenance management system you don’t have to worry about the health of your vehicle.

A Temperature Monitoring System is a revolutionary solution to all the transportation industry’s problems of efficiently transporting goods that need maintaining a constant temperature throughout.

It may be necessary to continuously monitor the temperature data in real-time for vehicles that transport things that are extremely sensitive to temperatures, such as food, medicine, drugs, and vaccines.

The fleet’s warm/cold state can be properly maintained using a GPS-based approach.The wireless technology provides ongoing, real-time updates, enabling efficient commodity delivery.

What is a temperature monitoring system?

The temperature of a certain environment is managed and regulated by a temperature monitoring system.In recent years, a temperature monitoring system has become a crucial component of the healthcare, hospital, clinic, food industry, and other industries.

This system, which includes both hardware and software, gives you up-to-the-minute details on the temperature of transported items.

Additionally, it allows you to manage the temperature at all times, from pick-up through delivery.

You can use it to find issues and promptly take appropriate action.

With our special Temperature Monitoring System, you nearly never rely on chance and always have complete control.

Salient Features

  • Real-time Monitoring – Our advanced cold chain temperature sensor allows you to keep an eye on the temperature of your storage in real-time.
  • Instant Notification – You will instantly be notified of events like high and low temperatures. By doing this, you may determine if and to what degree the quality of your items may be impacted.
  • Personalized Dashboard – Receive a customized dashboard for tracking the temperature of your cold chain transit.
  • Accessible Anywhere – Since the GPS solution makes use of wireless technology, operating reefer temperature from any location considerably improves the user experience. Anywhere can adjust the temperature in response to changes.

Today’s digitally-pushed generation needs companies to improve their delivery operations to satisfy the same-day shipping, next-day shipping, or at the least on-time shipping expectations. Here comes the importance of Delivery tracking in UAE .

As there may be an adequate variety of agencies that provide delivery software inside UAE, deciding on the quality considered one of them wishes undivided attention. And to determine which enterprise gives the quality delivery software program with inside the UAE, you must recognize what makes any delivery software quality to your business.

Below we proportion a number of the must-have capabilities for courier software program and the way they assist in overcoming the challenges.

Easy to Integrate and easy to Use
The delivery software should be straightforward to integrate together with your existing ERP/SAP systems. It ought to have a friendly interface and a dashboard to manage and monitor completely different delivery operations.

Intelligent Order Allocation
The delivery software should have the feature of well allocating orders by segregating them supported parameters like sort, size, and volume of the products and delivery location.

Route improvement
Planning and optimizing routes make sure that additional deliveries may be worn out at some point. Automating the method conjointly minimizes dependency on human resources and reduces driving time and fuel price.

Real-Time trailing
The code ought to be able to offer this feature to each the vendors and finish customers. mistreatment this feature, they’d be able to track orders and check the calculable time of delivery.

Trip Management
There ought to be specific options for the drivers to assist them manage the visits, get alerts for brand new pickup requests, and check delivery-related preferences.

End-Customer Visibility
The messenger code ought to be able to offer visibility to the end-customers in order that they will schedule deliveries, share delivery-related feedback, and request for on-line payments just in case they need to pay on-line for his or her money on delivery orders.

Touchworld technology, the leading supplier of GPS Tracking solutions, is that the one that provides delivery software system with top-notch options. you’ll contact the corporate to induce the simplest traveler delivery software system in UAE.

With the software system, you’ll track, monitor, and manage your deliveries. Get the software system nowadays to contour your delivery operations and prevent the general delivery price

The transportation management system is an important part of supply chain optimization, especially as global networks become more extensive and complicated, with many origins, destinations, and modes of transportation. Today’s transportation management system (TMS) is highly connected and data-driven, allowing manufacturers, distributors, shippers, and logistics service providers to face difficulties head-on and gain better control and visibility across the network.

Transportation management systems must respond in kind as the transportation sector grows more layered and complicated, with more advanced in-app functionality and logistics planning. Most standalone transportation management systems are too limited to capture the multi-tiered complexity of an international, multi-segment supply chain, but technology that can integrate and converge transportation with other supply chain functions, such as order management, has established a new industry standard.

What Is a Transportation Management System?

A transportation management system (TMS) is a logistical platform that allows things to be physically transported and shipped between parties. What began as a simple idea has grown into a complicated ecosystem of vendors, transporters, suppliers, warehouses, retailers, and other stakeholders, each with its own set of operations and constraints. Basic TMS functionality is used to confine abilities to batch orders, with order-level reporting and speed being severely hampered. However, new systems that combine transportation and order management are more versatile and responsive, making them better suited to improving the entire supply chain network.

What to Look for in a Transportation Management System’s Core Capabilities

  • End-to-End Visibility :Perfect order performance necessitates the incorporation of numerous elements into your strategy, some of which alter on a minute-by-minute basis. Stakeholders have more control over individual order management with end-to-end visibility and in-app functions for supplier selection, exceptions management, and more, even when conditions change by the minute. Dashboards may display centralized data from a range of sources in real-time, which is critical for responding to interruption events like a supply shortfall or a weather-related delay.
  • Order Processing and Delivery Punctuality :A platform that combines order management and transportation management natively creates chances for process optimization across business divisions that would otherwise go unnoticed. Stakeholders can benefit and improve operations by working together to achieve common goals, such as utilizing full truckloads and improving time performance.
  • Cost control, regulatory compliance, and risk management :It’s more vital than ever to comprehend the performance value and financial reporting in an era of global supply chain disruption, shortages, and high delivery costs.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Innovation: Every industriousness’s leaders place a distinction on client service. Develop omnichannel capability, which means a product may be bought, fulfilled, or returned at any position within the network, as one way to introduce in this field. This way of allowing makes it easier for clients to use your products and services, which increases the liability that they will continue to support the business in the future.
    • For client service professionals to transmit accurate order pledge dates in response to customer inquiries.
    • Status updates and delivery alerts in real-time
    • On-time deliveries

Businesses can give high service quality and indefectible client satisfaction with our integrated transportation operation result.

Transportation management system is now becoming a much-needed thing in UAE. Vehicles are gathering in Dubai every day. Therefore, a proper system is essential here. 

Allocating order to the right vehicle requires a number of processes to follow. Originally, you have to check for the new orders and manage the already existing ones for raising the requests. Also, you have to choose the vehicle as well as the motorist for picking up the products and also recycling for the delivery. All these processes, if done by professionals, bear a lot of time and trouble. Still, using a transportation operation system in UAE can automate all these processes and minimize the need for hiring professionals or spending hours on the same. 

Along with automating route planning and optimization, Our Transportation management systems also able of dynamic route planning. Using this point, motorists can get new routes incontinently when a client changes their delivery time and position. This is one of the most important features to look for in a transport operation system in UAE, because roads and transportation pose major challenges for the logistics industry. 

Managing your motorists is an important aspect of transportation operation system in UAE as well as other locales. There are several factors, such as their experience, driving hours etc., that need to be considered before assigning them for any delivery. This can be done effortlessly by using our Transportation operation system ever. 

Tracing your orderings once they’re out from the depot is necessary to get information like which vehicle would come back first, where the order is at a particular time, and more. All these things can be done only by tracking a trip in real- time using the Transportation management software. delivering this option to your end guests is also necessary to make credibility for your brand and get client satisfaction. With the help of transport operation software in UAE, businesses can give their guests with an option to choose the time places for delivery. This would help in reducing the rate of origin of the orders.  

So, are you looking for the best transportation management system in UAE, own our Transportation management system and make your fleet operations easier. 

In many industries, the most significant overhead expense is fuel. In fact, it is not just fleet and logistics companies that lose profitability and efficiency when their cars fail to meet fuel economy standards; many different sorts of businesses are affected by growing fuel costs. So, with the help of a GPS-enabled Fuel Monitoring System.

Touch World Technology is a leading GPS technology solution supplier that focuses on customized solutions that are in line with industry requirements. we come with an advanced Fuel Monitoring System in the UAE, and get strengthened with the company’s Fleet Management Software.

A fuel monitoring system is a technology-based device that focuses on any pumpable liquid or gaseous fuel for both manned and unmanned fuelling stations. The system gives real-time visibility into all areas of fuel management and fueling operations, utilizing automation to free up drivers and gather data that is instantly accessible to any staff member who needs it.

You’ll receive real-time fuel level updates as well as information about your location and vehicle’s status. The fuel monitoring setup is ready to relay data after the fuel level readings on the fleet management software have been calibrated. Fleet managers can keep an eye on fuel levels from any location, at any time of day.

As soon as the system detects a rapid dip or spike in fuel level, real-time notifications are issued automatically. When unexpected drainage/refill is reported, they provide the specific time and place. This aids in the reduction of fuel use. This helps to prevent fuel theft and resource waste.

Benefits of Implementing  Fuel Monitoring Systems:

  • Up-to-date Fuel Level Monitoring: Once the fuel is transferred from the delivery tank, the fuel storage tank level is checked on-site using a tank gauge. This data is updated automatically on the monitoring system and offers information on the current fuel level in the tank. Through leak level analysis, the system can identify any leakage.
  • Monitoring Vehicles and Drivers: After refueling, the gasoline monitoring system uses a pin number to identify drivers and cars.
  • Real-Time Data Reports: The gasoline monitoring system allows operators to acquire information on their fueling costs as well as a full report on their fuel stock, consumption, vehicle, and position. The research also identifies the factors that contribute to a decrease in fuel economy and makes recommendations for how to enhance it.

You must manage your firm as efficiently as possible to stand out in this highly competitive world. If a corporation cannot run properly, it will eventually be eliminated from the competition. When it comes to managing customer delivery, it’s critical to do it correctly. Mishandled shipments can have a detrimental impact on a company’s reputation. In response to the challenges that many delivery companies in the UAE face in managing their operations and processing orders, Touch World Technology developed its Delivery and Task Management System in UAE.

Miscommunication between store operators and delivery staff, a lack of correct customer locations, riders struggling to navigate to customers’ buildings, and the absence of live accurate order status are all factors that can make managing deliveries difficult at times.

More interactivity should be built into modern delivery logistics software platforms throughout the delivery cycle. Instant communication and visibility with the delivery crew, order transparency, and other elements that improve operational efficiency to provide a better customer experience.

Assume that your customer receives the incorrect goods or that the delivery is delayed, resulting in extended wait times. Any of these scenarios might cost you consumers and damage your reputation.

To avoid instances like this, make sure you have the right delivery management software in place.

By providing a comprehensive view of all deliveries, this program assists you in keeping track of delivery agents and their operations. An agent can be issued a task at any time, along with a deadline for delivery. Agents, on the other hand, are given a smartphone app that displays all information regarding the customer’s order. They can also inform customers if there is a delay.

What is delivery management software?

It’s a tool for streamlining the delivery process from start to finish. Both drivers (agents) and end-users can benefit from it. Agents may automate dispatch, pick-up, and delivery processes, as well as get optimum routes to reach customers quickly. End consumers, on the other hand, can follow their packages in real-time time and have all driver information at their fingertips. Customers can contact the driver to inquire about the status of their cargo.

What are its features?

  • Real-time vehicle tracking: Vehicle tracking in real-time helps managers to keep track of where their vehicles are at all times.
  • Route optimization: Optimizes the delivery routes and offers the shortest and best route
  • Control Dashboard: All delivery processes, such as new cargo allocation, vehicle and driver tracking, and communication, may be viewed and controlled in one spot.
  • Tracking for End Customer: Customers may track the car and driver, check the status of their orders, and leave feedback.
  • Automatic Dispatch Management: By detecting the driver who is idle, you may avoid the hassle of manually assigning delivery assignments. It’s something that the tool can perform for you automatically.

Benefits of Delivery Management System

  •  Improved Delivery Efficiency: It allows managers to keep track of order statuses, delivery mode, route taken, and customer name and address. This could lead to improved deliveries and a better customer experience.
  • Error Free Dispatch & Deliveries: Based on resource availability, the software may dispatch and schedule delivery. It ensures that deliveries are error-free.

In a variety of ways, a GPS Vehicle Tracking system Solution can help a business provide better end-user service and support. We offer you effective  Jargon in GPS Technology to Learn to read a GPS Hardware Specification Sheet

Global Positioning System(GPS)

GPS is used to find the location of an object on the ground. There are a total of 24 satellites in space. These 24 satellites together provide the location information of an object. The GPS includes 24 satellites deployed in space about 12,000 miles (19,300 kilometers) above the earth’s surface. They orbit the earth once every 12 hours at an extremely fast pace of roughly 7,000 miles per hour (11,200 kilometers per hour). The satellites are evenly spread out so that four satellites are accessible via a direct line of sight from anywhere on the globe. Each GPS satellite broadcasts a message that includes the satellite’s current position, orbit, and exact time. A GPS receiver combines the broadcasts from multiple satellites to calculate its exact position using a process called triangulation. Three satellites are required to determine a receiver’s location, though a connection to four satellites is ideal since it provides greater accuracy.

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a packet-oriented mobile data standard on the 2G and 3G cellular communication network’s global system for mobile communications (GSM). GPRS was established by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in response to the earlier CDPD and i-mode packet-switched cellular technologies. It is now maintained by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).


Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol TCP/IP, or the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, is a suite of communication protocols used to interconnect network devices on the internet. TCP/IP can also be used as a communications protocol in a private network (an intranet or an extranet).


A port is an ID on a server on which data of a particular application is received from an external sources such as a tracking device,  mobile, etc.

Time to First Fix(TFF)

Time To First Fix (TTFF) is a measure of the time required for a GPS navigation device to acquire satellite signals and navigation data, and calculate a position solution (called a fix).

Cold Or Factory

The receiver is missing or has inaccurate estimates of, its position, velocity, time, or visibility of any of the GPS satellites. As such, the receiver must systematically search for all possible satellites. After acquiring a satellite signal, the receiver can begin to obtain approximate information on all the other satellites, called the almanac. This almanac is transmitted repeatedly over 12.5 minutes. Almanac data can be received from any of the GPS satellites and is considered valid for up to 180 days. Manufacturers typically claim the factory TTFF to be 15 minutes.

Warm Or Normal

The receiver has estimates of the current time within 20 seconds, the current position within 100 kilometers, and its velocity within 25 m/s, and it has valid almanac data. It must acquire each satellite signal and obtain that satellite’s detailed orbital information, called ephemeris data. Each satellite broadcasts its ephemeris data every 30 seconds and is valid for up to four hours.

Hot Or Standby

The receiver has valid time, position, almanac, and ephemeris data, enabling a rapid acquisition of satellite signals. The time required of a receiver in this state to calculate a position fix may also be termed Time to Subsequent fix (TTSF).

National Marine Electronics Association(NMEA)

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) has developed a specification that defines the interface between various pieces of marine electronic equipment. The standard permits marine electronics to send information to computers and other marine equipment. GPS receiver communication is defined within this specification. Most computer programs that provide real-time position information understand and expect data to be in NMEA format. This data includes the complete PVT (position, velocity, time) solution computed by the GPS receiver. The idea of NMEA is to send a line of data called a sentence that is self-contained and independent from other sentences.

Digital Input

This is a terminal on the device which accepts input voltage – High (12 V) or Low (0 V) from an external source. This input is used to trigger another action. For instance, the Ignition of the vehicle (the cable on the vehicle which is high (12 V) when the vehicle is switched on and low (0 V) when the vehicle is switched off. When we connect the ignition of the vehicle to the Digital Input of the tracking device, we will be able to monitor when the vehicle is switched on and off.

Digital Output

Digital Output is an output voltage supplied from a device. For instance, if we need a light to be switched on every time the vehicle ignition is on, then we use digital output connected to the light.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode is a mode which is activated when the vehicle is not switched on for a long duration. In this mode, the power consumption of the tracking device reduces thus ensuring that the vehicle battery is not drained.

Geo Fence

Geo Fence is an area marked on the map and assigned a name. Whenever a vehicle enters this area, the street name or the name of the place is replaced by the customized name entered. For instance, if our office is located in ABC Road, LMN Area, XYZ Country, and we name that area as “My Office� in the tracking application then next time our vehicle enters the area, the tracking application will show the area as My Office instead of ABC Road, LMN Area, XYZ Country


Why should you choose a GPS vehicle tracking solution? Information to be considered before opting for GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution

1) Note down your requirement

The first and foremost point is to make a checklist of all your requirements. The most important point to be noted is Why and what am I going to do with GPS Vehicle Tracking System? These are a few of the options you have:

a. Simple vehicle tracking to

i) understand the current location of the vehicle
ii) find the history of the locations where the vehicle has been used.

b. Tracking to understand if the vehicle has entered a predefined area(GeoFence)

c. Tracking Device to find the number of hours the vehicle and driver have worked

d. Monitor the external inputs to the tracking device – for example, to find when the vehicle’s Air Condition (AC) has been switched on and off.

e. Monitor driving patterns – like speed, harsh braking, and harsh acceleration.

2)GPS Vehicle Tracking is a Service, not a product

Choose your service provider wisely GPS vehicle tracking system consists of Electronics Hardware and Software applications. Since the hardware is made of electronics components, the Tracking Hardware always can come up with issues or failures. With the advancement in technology, the failure rates have decreased considerably. Even though, taking into consideration the worst-case scenario, we need to always look at a company that has sufficient resources to provide hardware support. Along similar lines, the application used to view the vehicles online, requires frequent upgradations and integration. Check if the company has a full-fledged development team that would be able to cater to your software needs.

3) Ask for the Technical Specification Sheet of the Hardware

Always try and read the specification of the hardware so that you can understand what configuration of the hardware you are going to purchase. Parameters like battery, internal memory, number of input and output ports, type of inputs – Digital and Analogue, type of casing – waterproof and dustproof, etc. can affect the performance of your fleet tracking application as a whole.

4) Where is the Application Hosted?

It is quite important to note where the Application on which your vehicle is monitored is hosted. Various parameters are to be considered in terms of hosting:
a.  How good is the infrastructure on which the application is hosted

b.  How fast the application is.

c. Rate at which data is refreshed on the server.

d. The duration for which the data is stored on the server.

5)Who installs the Tracking devices on your vehicle.

The tracking device has to be connected to the vehicle. For the tracking device to be connected to the vehicle, we need to sleeve the connection from the vehicle battery and loop the connection to the tracking device. To find if a vehicle is switched on or off, we need to connect the device input to the ignition of the vehicle. This helps the tracking device and tracking application to detect if a vehicle is switched on or off.



Vehicle fleets are an important element of how communities and businesses operate daily all around the country. From life-saving ambulances and municipal street cleaning vehicles to delivery trucks that transport vital cargo and more, efficient and effective fleet vehicles keep our lives running smoothly. Fleet management system in UAE. Fleet management is a business strategy that helps organizations to organize and coordinate work vehicles to improve efficiency and save expenses. Couriers, oil and gas distribution, utilities, repair, and service industry organizations all employ fleet management to assure responsible vehicle use, confirm safety, and provide real-time tracking. Although fleet management technology is most typically linked with delivery cars and trucks, it is also used in the boating sector.

It’s crucial to emphasize that this is no easy undertaking—keeping a fleet of cars functioning at peak efficiency is a difficult effort!

Fleet managers, on the other hand, can gain visibility into a variety of aspects of their fleet operations with the help of an effective fleet management strategy backed by a complete GPS tracking system.

Organizations can use fleet management to cut expenses, make it more efficient, reduce risk, and maintain consistency in their vehicle fleets. It’s a basic capability for any company that claims or rents vehicles as part of their regular operations, whether those vehicles be vans, lorries, or even robots and airplanes.

Satellite technology is used by fleet management software to triangulate the locations of vehicles, equipment, and other important assets that are marked with GPS tracking devices. This allows fleet managers to easily and remotely manage and monitor all of the moving parts connected with fleet operations.

You’ll be able to Strategically Maximize Your Operations, Track Dangerous Driving Behaviors, and Optimize Service Routes for Efficiency with fleet management software.

The goal of fleet management at a business is to guarantee that the company’s work vehicles are running well, that they are continuously looking for methods to improve performance, and that operating costs are kept to a minimum.

Businesses, organizations, and governments need good fleet management to provide excellent service to their consumers and communities. Drivers and vehicles in your fleet have a big impact on how potential customers view your brand or service; for example, if your drivers are continually speeding and driving aggressively, other drivers may avoid patronizing your business as a result of that reputation.

We are the leading provider of sophisticated fleet management systems in the UAE, Dubai.