You must manage your firm as efficiently as possible to stand out in this highly competitive world. If a corporation cannot run properly, it will eventually be eliminated from the competition. When it comes to managing customer delivery, it’s critical to do it correctly. Mishandled shipments can have a detrimental impact on a company’s reputation. In response to the challenges that many delivery companies in the UAE face in managing their operations and processing orders, Touch World Technology developed its Delivery and Task Management System in UAE.

Miscommunication between store operators and delivery staff, a lack of correct customer locations, riders struggling to navigate to customers’ buildings, and the absence of live accurate order status are all factors that can make managing deliveries difficult at times.

More interactivity should be built into modern delivery logistics software platforms throughout the delivery cycle. Instant communication and visibility with the delivery crew, order transparency, and other elements that improve operational efficiency to provide a better customer experience.

Assume that your customer receives the incorrect goods or that the delivery is delayed, resulting in extended wait times. Any of these scenarios might cost you consumers and damage your reputation.

To avoid instances like this, make sure you have the right delivery management software in place.

By providing a comprehensive view of all deliveries, this program assists you in keeping track of delivery agents and their operations. An agent can be issued a task at any time, along with a deadline for delivery. Agents, on the other hand, are given a smartphone app that displays all information regarding the customer’s order. They can also inform customers if there is a delay.

What is delivery management software?

It’s a tool for streamlining the delivery process from start to finish. Both drivers (agents) and end-users can benefit from it. Agents may automate dispatch, pick-up, and delivery processes, as well as get optimum routes to reach customers quickly. End consumers, on the other hand, can follow their packages in real-time time and have all driver information at their fingertips. Customers can contact the driver to inquire about the status of their cargo.

What are its features?

  • Real-time vehicle tracking: Vehicle tracking in real-time helps managers to keep track of where their vehicles are at all times.
  • Route optimization: Optimizes the delivery routes and offers the shortest and best route
  • Control Dashboard: All delivery processes, such as new cargo allocation, vehicle and driver tracking, and communication, may be viewed and controlled in one spot.
  • Tracking for End Customer: Customers may track the car and driver, check the status of their orders, and leave feedback.
  • Automatic Dispatch Management: By detecting the driver who is idle, you may avoid the hassle of manually assigning delivery assignments. It’s something that the tool can perform for you automatically.

Benefits of Delivery Management System

  •  Improved Delivery Efficiency: It allows managers to keep track of order statuses, delivery mode, route taken, and customer name and address. This could lead to improved deliveries and a better customer experience.
  • Error Free Dispatch & Deliveries: Based on resource availability, the software may dispatch and schedule delivery. It ensures that deliveries are error-free.

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