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Today Logistics Management is a highly risky game you cannot afford to lose. Especially the transportation sector. A slight miscalculation or uncertainty can have a disastrous effect on your business. This is where our products can add tremendous value to your logistics business. Our products consist of both hardware and software so that they seamlessly integrate to enable you to maximize your strengths and smoothen over your problem areas. With our products you leave almost nothing to chance.

Our products are time tested and across a wide range of transportation vehicles. But then it’s more than just that. We also provide effective post-purchase back up. Moreover all our products can be customized for your specific needs. So let’s start working together for the better.

fleet management system in UAE

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Now manage your fleet every second wherever they may be. Now you have full control of your fleet individually and collectively right from pick up, transit and up to delivery. Be in total control and save big.

School Bus Tracking
Big Yellow Bus

School Bus Tracking is a revolutionary change in the safety and tracking of school buses. Both parents and school authorities have the convenience of live tracking of individual school buses. Now breathe easy next time your child or student travels to and from school.

School bus tracking system in UAE
GPS Vehicle tracking system in UAE

Fuel Monitoring System

Our Fuel Monitoring System is more than just monitoring. It lets you have total information and control at your fingertips accurately and real-time. It helps you efficiently manage fuel inventories and wastage as well as prevent fuel theft.

Temperature Monitoring System

In today’s diverse transportation sector which needs constant and accurate monitoring of the temperature of goods being transported our temperature monitoring system takes the risks out to a great extent.

Temperature monitoring system in UAE
GPS Vehicle Tracking and monitoring system in UAE

Delivery and Task Management System

One of the biggest nightmare of a Logistics Manager is the umpteen problems in Task and Delivery Management. We offer a holistic solution in Delivery and Task Management. Our solution comprises both hardware software that is seamlessly integrated for maximum efficiency.

Maintenance Management

A running vehicle needs regular maintenance. More so in the transportation sector. The proper upkeep of vehicles needs a good plan. This is where our Maintenance Management System creates a world of difference.

maintenance management in uae

Fuel monitoring system

Fleet management system

Temperature monitoring

Temperature tracking

Delivery tracking

Delivery tracking in UAE

Delivery tracking in Dubai

School bus attendance

School bus attendance in UAE

School bus attendance in Dubai

Transportation management system

Transportation management system in UAE

Maintenance management

Maintenance management in Dubai