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Enabling simple and seamless GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Touchworld Technology was born as an innovative solutions provider that solved complex Fleet Management problems going beyond conventional wisdom. From the beginning itself we have maintained being a client-focused solutions developer.

Our trumping success began with Touchtraks, a comprehensive GPS Fleet Tracking and Location Solution that went beyond just tracking vehicles. It made a whole lot of difference to seamless Logistics Management. It offered a simple and reliable solution for all the needs of Fleet Managers and Transportation Divisions.


To shape an eminent and all-inclusive technology infrastructure, create and uphold an active operative environment, and carry quality, prompt, cost effective and reliable technology services.


Be fast, Be Global, Be Connected. Bring smart, connected devices to every person on earth and to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential.

GPS Vehicle tracking system in Dubai,UAE

Touchworld Technology LLC

Today Touchworld Technology has moved miles ahead developing Client-Centric integrated Transportation and Location solutions that solve all logistics movement problems. Our unique customized solutions include tracking Sales Force, their meetings and Order-Management Systems in an end-to-end way. A case in point is Maax Track, an on-the-go customizable GPS Fleet Tracking and Location Solution. This is just one of the many customized solutions and softwares we have developed in-house. Clearly we go the extra mile to fully meet even the most demanding client needs.

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