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Asateel improves safety standards for vehicles and transit providers while allowing businesses to obtain permits and track them electronically. ASATEEL is a certification that grants the licensed entity, as well as freight transport vehicles, a license to operate the vehicles and a professional license for its drivers.

As per the new rule, Asateel certification is required for those engaged in freight transportation or vehicles for commercial purposes to travel within the Abu dhabi Emirates.

How to Register Your Freight Business in Asateel?

There are some simple steps to register your company for Asateel Certification.

Company Registration:
  • Start Registration Here
  • "Start Register Wizard"
  • select either “My company is registered in Abu Dhabi” or “My company is registered outside Abu Dhabi”
  • Read and Accept the terms and conditions
  • select option for Freight transport or Operating Passenger transport)
  • Verify your details
  • Now you can use the Asateel platform using logging credentials.
Vehicle Registration:
  • If you successfully complete the registration of your freight business.Then Click here. to register the vehicle.
  • Select vehicle category
  • After the uploading and verifying of all documents you can download the permit.

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