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School bus tracking in UAE
 School bus tracking system in UAE

The Big Yellow Bus School Bus Tracking system offers 360 degree real-time, tracking, monitoring and interacting with the school bus. Now live information of all students traveling in the school bus can be monitored by the parents and school authorities. We provide a complete package comprising the hardware and software. This provides seamless connectivity across the complete spectrum of transit from pick up to dropping. The details of each individual student can be accessed at all instances.

The Tracking system provides real time monitoring of transit on even mobile phones. This way the parents can stay informed about their children’s transit to the school and back at all times. The live data include the bus route, the stoppages, time taken for each stop as also travel time. This system can be integrated with many popular applications and enterprise systems.

Using a school bus management system, parents can be aware of their kids while they are traveling. From the time of boarding through the route travelled by bus, real-time information will be available on the monitoring software.

Finally we take the blank spots of safe and tension-free transit of students and be under the watchful eye and control of parents and school authorities.

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Admin - Web Application
  • School Bus Live Tracking
  • Real-time attendance
  • Route and Trip Management
  • Transportation Analysis
Driver Mobile App
  • Start and close trip
  • View students assigned
  • Attendance marking
  • Notify parents
  • View route
  • Mark location
Parent Mobile App
  • Register students
  • View status and history
  • Mark leave
  • ETA for Pick & Drop
  • Contact transport

School bus tracking system

School bus tracking system in UAE

School bus tracking system in Dubai

School bus management

School bus attendance

School bus attendance in UAE

School bus attendance in Dubai

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School bus management in Duabi