Our software development team has always worked with an objective in mind – “Make Customers life easier”. There are various Advantages of GPS vehicle Tracking system Solution can provide to the end user. Here we discussing about the major Advantages of a GPS vehicle tracking system solution. There are various ways in which a GPS Vehicle Tracking system Solution can enhance the ways in which an organization can provide better end user service and support. It helps keep track on how a fleet is being used and how it can be improved. A GPS vehicle tracking solution can cent percent change your outlook towards fleet management.

Maximize vehicle utilization

A GPS vehicle tracking solution can help you utilize your fleet more efficiently. There are various instances where our clients have been able to improve the way the vehicles have been used. The data from the GPS vehicle Tracking Solution can be analyzed in order to understand how many hours a vehicle is being used and how many hours the vehicle is been idle. This data can be used by the Fleet Manager to optimize vehicle utilization.

Reduce Operational Cost

The software module of the tracking system receives the data from the hardware unit and displays the location, speed and time information on a web, desktop or a mobile application. The information from the tracking device is stored on a database. The information stored in the database is retrieved and formatted in various forms to give the desired result.

Better Service for Customers:

Vehicle Tracking system enables the fleet administrator to provide better service to the customer by giving a timely and updated information on the vehicle location and the expected time of delivery of products.

Improve the Life of Vehicle :

Fleet Management solution helps monitor the vehicle activity on the move. It enables the fleet administrator to monitor speeding patterns, acceleration and braking patterns. This information can be used to educate drivers so as to avoid such instances in the future. This will in turn increase the life of the vehicle and the corresponding accessories.

Timely Vehicle Maintenance:

Vehicle tracking system has options which reminds the fleet manager about the date of preventive maintenance. This system generates regular reminders which when the vehicle nears the kilometer for the next service. This prevents the tedious task of manually recording the distance information and scheduling the maintenance.

Prevent Unauthorized Stoppage:

Tracking system enable the fleet administrator to monitor where the vehicles have been stopped. This will prevent the drivers from stopping the vehicle at unauthorized locations.

Easier to calculate the working hours:

Vehicle tracking solution helps administrator to accurately calculate the number of hours a vehicle has been utilized. This will in-turn help in calculating the overtime and other benefits to the employees.

Mark Customized Areas on Map – Geofence:

Vehicle tracking system has an option to add an area with a desired name. Whenever a vehicle moves into that particular area, the fleet manager would can be notified or a report can be generated. This also enables the end user to calculate the number of hours the vehicle has been within the geofence.


Real Time Information:

The most basic and importation information any vehicle tracking system can provide is the latest update on the location of your vehicle. This information can be the key to an organized fleet management. This can enhance the way the fleet is utilized on a whole



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