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How GPS Works

One of the most basics requirement before starting off with implementing GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution is to understand how GPS vehicle Tracking Solution works. This will help utilizing the solution in the best way in order to benefit the organization. A complete GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution will have two basics components – the hardware and the software. A GPS Vehicle tracking solution is a combination of Hardware and Software in order to find and manage information regarding the vehicle. There are various information that can be obtained by installing a GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution.

The information that can be obtained from GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution are

  • Vehicle Location
  • Vehicle Ignition Status
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Vehicle Altitude
  • Vehicle Direction
  • Idling
  • Excessive Idling
  • Distance Travelled
  • Vehicle Driving Pattern – Harsh Acceleration
  • Vehicle Driving Pattern – Harsh Braking
  • Vehicle Travel Route
The Hardware

In order to track a vehicle, we need to fix a GPS Vehicle Tracking hardware on the vehicle to be monitored. The hardware unit has a build-in GPS (Global Positioning System) and a GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) module. GPS module connects to satellite and receives the location information. GPRS module transfers this information to the server. The server stores this information onto a database to be fetched.

The Software

The software module of the tracking system receives the data from the hardware unit and displays the location, speed and time information on a web, desktop or a mobile application. The information from the tracking device is stored on a database. The information stored in the database is retrieved and formatted in various forms to give the desired result.